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Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement Distinguished Scholarships Program

Scholarship Interest and Meeting Preparation Form

To make the most of our time together during your first appointment, please provide the information requested below. We anticipate this form should take less than 10 minutes to complete. There is also an option to upload your resume or curriculum vitae.

First name
Last Name
Preferred name  
Year in school
If other:  
Anticipated graduation date

Cumulative GPA (if available)
WSU ID number
Phone number
Email address
City (optional)  
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Country of Residency (optional)  
Are you a member of the WSU Honors College?

Please briefly state your career goals
Scholarships you are interested in discussing
(If you don’t know specific scholarship names, indicate what you seek funding for–e.g. study abroad, immersive language learning experience, research, etc.)

Please list the following (or you can upload your resume, if you have one prepared):  
  • Scholarships, grants, fellowships, and other awards you have received since entering college
  • Honors you have received for excellence in academics, athletics, leadership or other facets of your college education
  • Organizations you belong to (include any offices held)
  • Service on-and off-campus
  • Participation in study abroad, language classes or internships
  • Other noteworthy elements of your college education
upload resume/CV [add button here]  
Name three things you feel a genuine passion about or commitment to that relate to your career goals, scholarship aspirations, or to your personal motivations/causes/inspirations.  
List any additional information you’d like to share, including questions
How did you hear about the Distinguished Scholarships Program?
If Other:  



Note: The application will time out due to inactivity of 30 minutes. Any work not submitted will not be saved.