Benefits of Applying

Scott Shigeoka studying abroad in Iceland.

When our students apply for a distinguished scholarship, they see their place in the world differently. They grasp new possibilities. They expect more of themselves, and confidently develop a roadmap to reach new goals. They learn about themselves.

Throughout the application process, we know that WSU students like you often:

  1. Engage in personal and professional assessment. Applying for an award gives you a perfect opportunity to think about how you are developing as an individual and the ways your skills and experiences can be highlighted. It can also bring focus to your personal and professional goals.
  2. Identify gaps in skills, knowledge, or experiences. Examining award requirements helps you spot gaps on your own resume. Addressing them positions you better for a prestigious award, as well as success in college and your future career.
  3. Get constructive feedback and gain recognition. While it takes courage to ask for input from faculty and other mentors, it often yields useful feedback about your academic efforts, research skills, and leadership potential. You will stand out to these influential people.
  4. Practice making a memorable impression. With an expanded and refined self-awareness, you will be ready to put your “best foot forward” in every situation. You will refine your ability to articulate your accomplishments in brief yet compelling narratives and stay composed during interviews.

The Distinguished Scholarships Program Is Here to Help

Here’s how we can help you take charge:

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