Scholar’s Progression

Decorative, close-up photo of a dictionary sitting open on a tablepro-gres-sion(noun): The act of developing, evolving, moving forward, advancing through a series or succession of related things.

Awards organizations are looking for students with true scholarly potential. Students with the proven knowledge, experience, and potential required to not just talk about changing the world, but actually do it. Accordingly, becoming a scholar requires having the mindset to seize opportunities that expand your education.

This Scholar’s Progression diagram maps paths to and from four key areas that will make you competitive for distinguished scholarships—engagement, leadership, initiative, and effort. As you consider the diagram, remember that becoming competive for a distinguished scholarship isn’t just about winning prestigious awards. It’s about becoming the type of person who is making such a difference in the world that they become worthy of such awards.

This diagram was created by the Distinguished Scholarships Program in the WSU Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement. A Scholar’s Progression — Downloadable PDF.