Freshman Scholars Progression 2015

More than 150 high-achieving students attended the first annual Freshman Scholars Progression on January 30, 2015 in the CUB Junior Ballrooms. All freshmen who had earned at 3.8 GPA or better in fall semester 2014 were invited to the event to receive recognition for that accomplishment. Students also met with faculty and staff members at 19 resource tables to learn about WSU resources and programs available to help them “progress” as scholars. Faculty and staff who volunteered at the event include (in alphabetical order by last name):

  • Dr. Tariq Akmal
  • Dr. Howard Davis
  • Dr. William B. “Bill” Davis
  • Richard Elgar
  • Dr. Samantha Gizerian
  • Kajsa Hendrickson
  • Sarah Ann Hones
  • Dr. Kris Johnson
  • Lisa Johnson-Shull
  • Kristen Koenig
  • Dr. Charles Moore
  • Dr. Grant Norton
  • Dr. Christine Oakley
  • Dr. Shelley Pressley
  • Kassi Rolin
  • Dr. Mary Sanchez Lanier
  • Dr. Francene Watson
  • Dr. Karen Weathermon
  • Dr. Richard Zack

Diagram depicting the importance of initiative, effort, engagement, and leadership to scholarly progressionScholars at the event were also introduced to a new “Scholar’s Progression” diagram, created by Sarah Ann Hones, director of the Distinguished Scholarships Program in the Office of Undergraduate Education. It shows that important university and lifetime achievements make up the journey of a scholar. Topics including volunteerism, study and research abroad, service activities, extracurricular pursuits, and challenges, for example, are grouped into four categories: engagement, leadership, initiative, and effort.

Hones and Associate Vice Provost Mary Sanchez Lanier are already making plans for the second annual Freshman Scholars Progression next year.

Recap of Event Details

Date Event was Held: Friday, January 30, 2015
Time: 3:00-5:00 p.m. | Location Was: CUB Junior Ballrooms
Attendance Was: By invitation-only | Dress Was : Business Casual