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Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement Distinguished Scholarships Program

WSU Fulbright scholar to study natural cleanup crew in New Zealand

MEDIA CONTACT: Matt Jones, Department of Entomology, 404-432-9528,

Mary Sanchez Lanier, Assistant Vice-Provost, School of Molecular Biosciences, 509-335-2320,

PULLMAN, Wash. — Driving thousands of miles to catch dung beetles in traps baited with pig droppings may not sound like glamorous work to most, but for entomology graduate student Matt Jones it is just another day in the field. Jones is Washington State University’s newest recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship. The award will fund his ongoing doctoral research on what he calls nature’s “cleanup crew.” » More …

WSU’s Newest Fulbright Fellow and Ph.D. Student Patrick Freeze to Improve Thailand Rice by Decontaminating Soil

MEDIA: Sarah Ann Hones, Distinguished Scholarships Program director, WSU Undergraduate Education, 509-335-8239,

Amelia Veneziano, communications staff, WSU Undergraduate Education, 509-335-6679,

PULLMAN, Wash.—Washington State University doctoral student Patrick Freeze has received a Fulbright U.S. Student Program grant to spend 10 months in Thailand to study reducing toxic cadmium contamination and plant uptake in rural rice paddy soils, with a goal to improve the quality of the grain as a safe food source as well as an export product.

“Patrick’s pursuits in soil science and remediation in combination with his personal interest in improving life through science made him an excellent candidate for support from the nationally funded Fulbright Program,” said Sarah Ann Hones, director of the Distinguished Scholarships Program in WSU Undergraduate Education. “We appreciate that he will be an outstanding ambassador of our university and the U.S.”

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WSU Pullman Alumna and WSU Vancouver Graduate Student Receive Fulbrights to Study in France and Switzerland

MEDIA: Sarah Ann Hones, Director of Distinguished Scholarship Programs, WSU Office of Undergraduate Education, 509-335-8239,

Mary Sanchez Lanier, Assistant Vice Provost, 509-335-7767,

Beverly Makhani, Director of Communications, WSU Office of Undergraduate Education, 509-335-6679,

PULLMAN, Wash. — Prestigious awards from the Fulbright U.S. Student Program will fund graduate study in Europe for an alumna and a current graduate student from Washington State University.

Samantha Sanders (2011 Mechanical Engineering) currently works at the Puget Sound Naval Yard in Bremerton, Wash. She graduated cum laude and with honors in Pullman with a minor in materials science and engineering; she did study abroad in Limerick, Ireland.

With her Fulbright, she plans to spend a year completing a materials science master’s degree at the ENS Cachan near Paris, France.

Eric Dexter, who will complete his M.S. degree in environmental studies at WSU Vancouver in June, will spend his Fulbright year in Lausanne, Switzerland. He plans to investigate the role of environmental heterogeneity in shaping the genetic structure of populations. He hopes this will relate to conservation in the understanding of the spread of invasive species.

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